Developing a promotion strategy, performing ad settings, designing banners for ads, and creating text. Adjusting integrations and preparing reports.

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Read this page if you are working with Facebook Ads or looking for partners for these tasks.
Our capabilities and the ways we can help you with outsourcing Facebook Ads are described here.

Facebook Ads

We can work with Facebook Pixel, custom conversions, adjust for customized audiencies, and utilize audience insights. We are proficient in woocommerce and shopify, in downloading their products, and implementing dynamic re-marketing.

We had started using campaign budget optimization before it became mainstream

  • Trafic
  • Chat-bot
  • Leads form
  • Instant exp
  • Reach
  • Funnels

The site traffic, landing pages. We realize why utm are important, and know how they could be used afterwards in creating statistics.

Messages in chatbots (we can also create these chatbots). We know how to launch this type of advertisement, and how to link the ad account with manychat directly, or use a JSON insert.

Lead Forms. We realize that emojis drop in paragraphs, and that the form design is very important. We know how to pull out the lead and send it to the right place.

Instant experience. We use it as the first point of contact. We know that the contact forms cannot be used in Facebook exclusively, and we are very sad about that.

Reach advertisement, video views for involvement. We know why to use this type of advertisement, and how to perform re-marketing to the right audience after using it.

We can generate direct traffic as well as any traffic/sell funnel.


We set up integrations. Your leads will be sent to CRM, Slack or anywhere you want. We know how to set up analytics and how to automate sales via chat-bots and email-marketing.

Text and design

We come up with an idea for cool banners and draw these. We can come up with a concept ourselves or work with provided guidelines for the brand style.

Write different types of text depending on the task: short, long, storytelling or clickbait. We are always testing different variants, keeping the best and testing again.

We check for the number of characters, test, and analyze different options.

Show first materials: funnel, texts, design and make some chages. Close critical moments.
Working on amendments
Show new varioation
Leave extra time for incidental cases.

Don't fuck up deadlines

We break your project into small steps and then work in a consistent manner. If we have 10 days for the project to launch, we show the first results in one or two days.

After receiving feedback and making necessary corrections, we finalize campaign materials, get approvals and launch the campaign. We reserve about 20% of the total project time for force majeures.

Always in touch

It’s true. We synchronize with your schedule, quickly answer your messages and address emergencies. It means that if today Friday and something needs to be corrected by Monday — it will be done no later than Sunday.

Make sure reports have been sent

We describe in detail spendings in the advertising budget and corresponding results. If you send reports to your clients, we use your proprietary style and logo.

Work in your CRM

We partner with your team and work together in your workspace without any problems. We follow tasks in your CRM, put reports there and keep your team updated.

Know How to talk
to the Facebook Support

You certainly understand why it’s so important. We know how to address it if the campaign was stopped without a reason, and there are only replies from a bot to our questions. We talk with the right people from the Support, calmly resolve contentious issues and revitalize the campaign and ad account.

The most famous «call center girl» in the world

What else we do

Besides advertising, we can design superb promo-webpages or landing pages, develop custom designs for marketing materials in the digital space including social media, presentations, emails, and messengers.